Florian Trübsbach (*1976) comes from a family of musicians. He was fortunate enough to perform as a soloist with the Tölzer Knabenchor at a young age under such personalities as Herbert von Karajan, Claudio Abbado and Lorin Maazel. After his voice broke, he took composition lessons with Hans Werner Henze. His passion for jazz, which has not diminished to this day, was sparked by a chance encounter with Dizzy Gillespie at a concert. He traded in his violin for the saxophone, completed the jazz studies he had begun while in school in Munich, and continued his composition studies in Hamburg.

Trübsbach has performed with various projects of his own, as well as with ensembles and musicians from a wide variety of genres, such as Bill Holman, Joe Lovano, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra or the "Fantastic 4", and has made radio and CD recordings. Concert tours have taken him to Syria and Siberia, South Africa, Japan and China, among other places. He lives with his family in Chiemgau. When he is not musically on the road, you can meet him in his beloved mountains, a Schwegelpfeife in his backpack, because it does not go so completely without music.

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